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Safe Harbours

Make your city a safe harbor!

The SEEBRÜCKE advocates that refugees find a place to arrive – a safe harbor. We are firmly convinced that where federal policy fails to fulfill its responsibilities, municipal politics must take action.

What does safe harbour mean?

The SEEBRÜCKE Switzerland supports your political efforts:

  • Create a list of your demands and address them!  [VERLINKUNG FORDERUNG]
  • Choose the type of your parliamentary procedural request!

Motion: Mandates the government to take action at federal, cantonal, or communal level.

Postulate: Mandates a political body to examine whether there is a need for a law, bill, or measure regarding a specific case.

Interpellation: Requests information on important domestic or foreign political events or federal matters.

Question: Demands information about important domestic or foreign political affairs.

  • Format the request according to the requirements. The SEEBRÜCKE has an archive [VERLINKEN], in which you can find templates for the respective requests.
  • Submit your request to the appropriate political body, where it will be processed in order of urgency.
  • A debate and the vote will take place in the political body.
  • A subsequent debriefing will show you the next possible steps.
  • SEEBRÜCKE Switzerland can also support your work through petitions, protests, or media releases.

Countless cities and municipalities want to take a stand against the federal government’s policy of isolation and take in more refugees than allocated to them. The message is clear: there is still room here!

You, too, can show that a solidarity-based migration policy emanates from cities and municipalities!

If you have any questions or need support with your procedural request, contact us: schweiz@seebruecke.org 


All previous political demands on the subject of sea rescue and accommodation of refugees can be found as PDF in the political map on the main page.