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«Push for the reception of refugees from the Moria camp»

Level: Municipality
Municipality: Neuchâtel (NE)
Status: Accepted


On Wednesday 30 September 2020, the Neuchâtel Grand Council adopted by an overwhelming majority (96 votes in favour, 3 against and 6 abstentions) an urgent resolution calling on the Federal Council to admit more people from the Moria camp in Lesbos.

In Neuchâtel, it was a coalition of centre-right and left-wing parties that brought the issue before the General Council, which almost unanimously supported a text calling for the admission of some fifty fugitives. The decision on the number of refugees that can be accommodated by Switzerland is a federal responsibility, but it can be valuable for the Confederation to know that the authorities on the ground are ready to help take in the victims of this humanitarian tragedy.

“Our multicultural city has a fine tradition of solidarity with refugees. Be it through the work of the municipal services, through the religious communities and their mutual assistance or through the numerous associations working in the field of integration. Once again we have the opportunity to live up to this tradition.

Therefore we would like to ask the city administration the following question:

Is the municipality willing to join the appeal of the Swiss cities and to inform the Confederation in writing that it is ready to receive the victims, in particular families and unaccompanied minors fleeing the humanitarian tragedy represented by the fire in Moravia”?

Press reports

Le Grand Conseil veut aider les réfugiés de Moria

Mercredi, les députés neuchâtelois se sont prononcés en faveur d’une aide envers les réfugiés du camp grec de Moria, qui a été ravagé par les flammes.

Neuchâtel demande à Berne d’accueillir plus de réfugiés de Moria

Le canton de Neuchâtel demande à Berne d’accueillir plus de personnes réfugiées en provenance du camp de Moria sur l’île de Lesbos, qui a brûlé dans la nuit du 8 au 9 septembre.