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«Taking in refugees from the Moria camp»

Postulat d'urgence
Level: Municipality
Municipality: Aarau (AG)
Status: Accepted


In an urgent postulate, the SP demands the reception of refugees from the (new) Camp Moria on Lesbos.

“Aarau City Council is asked,

  • to agree to take in 16 refugees from Moria;
  • to call on the canton and the Confederation to take the necessary measures to enable the reception of refugees from Moria;
  • to coordinate with the towns and municipalities in the canton of Aargau and with Basel, Bern, Geneva, Lausanne, Lucerne, St. Gallen, Winterthur and Zurich, which take similar initiatives to receive refugees”.

The postulate was referred as urgent on 21 September 2020 and accepted.

The “Aargauer Zeitung” writes in its print edition of 23.09.20:

“Population councils to take in Moria refugees

Aarau/ Buchs The Aarau Residents’ Council has passed a postulate by 27 yes to 18 no, instructing the town council to take in 16 refugees from the camp at Moria on Lesbos in Greece. Beatrice Klaus (SP) says that this number is “absolutely bearable for Aarau”. The FDP and SVP resisted the remittance. Susanne Heuberger (SVP) pointed out that the federal government was responsible for deciding how many “refugees and migrants” would be accepted. It was also questionable, she said, to make a “generous gesture” in the knowledge that “the federal government and the canton would bear the costs for the first five to seven years, not the city”. The proponents stress that they are already aware of the legal conditions, but that it is a matter of “setting an example”, says Susanne Klaus (Greens). City councillor Angelica Cavegn said that the city council was happy to accept the request in view of this “humanitarian emergency”.

In Buchs, too, there is now a corresponding postulate: five members of the residents’ council demand that the municipal council agrees to take in six refugees from Moria. The rest of the postulate is largely identical to the one currently in circulation in Aarau and other cities.”

This initiative is part of the campaign “500 people for Aargau”.

The refugee camps in Greece are in dire straits. Several tens of thousands of refugees are locked up in camps under the most degrading conditions. Their situation is so unbearable that at Easter 2020, the three national churches of Switzerland jointly appealed to the Federal Council to alleviate the tragedy and accept 5000 refugees from Greece into Switzerland.

The campaign “500 people for the municipalities in Aargau” takes up this appeal and wants to achieve that municipalities and cities voluntarily increase their quota for taking in people. In this way, they can create the necessary capacity in and with the canton for the government to register the “free space” with the federal government for the admission of people from precarious camps. Numerous communes have already given positive feedback.

Ask your municipality in Aargau to take in people too. The requests are coordinated by the association Netzwerk Asyl Aargau.

Letter template “500 people for the municipalities in Aargau”.


Press reports

Aarau: Postulat zur Aufnahme von geflüchteten Menschen
27 conseils d’habitants de six partis demandent au conseil municipal d’Aarau d’accepter d’accueillir 16 réfugiés de Moria.

Nach Inferno auf Lesbos fordern mehrere Einwohnerräte: Die Stadt soll 16 Flüchtlinge aufnehmen
27 membres du conseil des résidents demandent au conseil municipal d’accepter d’accueillir au moins 16 réfugiés du camp de réfugiés incendié de Moria sur Lesbos, en Grèce, à Aarau.

Trotz roten Zahlen: Stadtparlament zeigt seltene Einigkeit beim Budget
Il n’y a pas eu d’obstacles au sein du conseil des résidents pour l’estimation 2021. Dans les années qui suivront, les dépenses seront toutefois à nouveau examinées de plus près, a-t-on dit. Le Parlement a également chargé le conseil municipal de déclarer, au nom du gouvernement fédéral et du canton, sa volonté d’accepter 16 réfugiés de Moria.