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The SEEBRÜCKE is an open and diverse movement with the idea that people can join anywhere and plan their own campaigns and projects.

With pressure from the streets and personal commitment, the activists of the SEEBRÜCKE call on their cities, communities, and cantons to declare themselves a safe harbor and fight for a humane migration policy. Also in Switzerland.

The SEEBRÜCKE is an open and diverse movement with numerous opportunities to get involved:  People shall be able to join anywhere and anytime and plan actions themselves.

You too can make your city, municipality, or canton a Safe Harbor:

  • Contact your local SEEBRÜCKE group
  • Demand the support from allied politicians in your city!
  • Introduce a parliamentary procedural request and get your proposal passed!
  • Write an open letter to your councilmember or start a petition!
  • Pressure from the streets: organize a protest or flash mob and show that civil society stands behind your demands!

If you want, you are welcome to use our graphics and name, so that events and campaigns can be recognized as part of the SEEBRÜCKE. We will link to and promote your events on our channels. We are also happy to make plans together with you. For all requests just send us an email to schweiz@seebruecke.org.



All of us are SEEBRÜCKE. Join us.