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«Ostermundigen (BE): Making a contribution to alleviating the hardship in the camps for refugees»

Dringliche Motion
Level: Municipality
Municipality: Ostermundigen (BE)
Status: Accepted


30.10.21: Submission of the non-party urgent motion

The text of the motion reads: “The municipal council is requested,

  1. to campaign at federal and cantonal level for Ostermundigen to take in 10 people from Greek camps, in particular Moria / Kara Tepe.
  2. to demand in a letter from the Federal Council that additional people from these camps be admitted to Switzerland (for example 2000).
  3. to publish this letter as a media release.
  4. to demand in a letter that the surrounding municipalities such as Muri-Gümligen, Hofigen, Bolligen, Stettlen, Köniz, Bern take in the same number of people.

The humanitarian situation on Lesvos is still extremely worrying one and a half months after the burning of the Moria refugee camp.

In total, around 50,000 people survive in these camps.

In Switzerland, 78,832 flats are vacant (as of 1 June 2020), including many in Ostermundigen.

It would not be realistic for Switzerland to take in the 80 million refugees currently living in the world. But it can do much more than grant protection to 20 minors.”

June 21: Adoption by the Municipal Council


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