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Local groups

Join us for a politics of migration from below!

Become active in a local group

The SEEBRÜCKE Switzerland is currently active in Lucerne, Basel, Bern, Zurich and Geneva. We are always looking for comrades-in-arms who would like to work actively with us.

We communicate and work together in person and digitally. If you’re interested in being actively involved, drop us a line and you can jump right into the SEEBRÜCKE tasks. There is no expectation of a minimum workload. 

Solidarity must be practical. Become active in the Seebrücke Schweiz!

Found a new local group

There is no local group in your city yet? But you want to become active? Start a local group in your city and make it a safe harbour. Feel free to contact us at schweiz@seebruecke.org! We look forward to hearing from you!

Working groups

In addition to the local groups, we also work together on a supra-regional basis on specific issues. In the working group on politics, we promote political initiatives in Switzerland in a coordinated way. The homepage working group develops and maintains the content of our website. Working groups on media work and events are still being set up. Participation in such a group is possible regardless of local involvement.