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«Safe harbour Kriens – Reception of refugees»

Anfrage aus der Bevölkerung
Level: Municipality
Municipality: Kriens (LU)
Status: Accepted


03.12.20: Inquiry from the population by e-mail

In the letter, the situation in the camps at the European external borders and Switzerland’s options for action are discussed. Various cities and municipalities in Switzerland have already publicly declared their willingness to take in more refugees: “The dossier is a federal matter, but we still need courageous cities that exert pressure and signal to the federal government that a humane refugee policy is feasible. As a resident of Kriens, I would be very happy if Kriens also became a safe harbour and supported this cause.”

06.01.21: Acceptance in the city council

“The City Council considered your letter and the request contained therein at the City Council meeting of 06 January 2021. The City Council supports the appeal to the federal government to allow direct admission from Moria and calls on the federal government to enter into dialogue with municipalities and cities for implementation.”

Reply from the City of Kriens