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«Buchs (SG): Taking in refugees from the Greek islands»

Level: Municipality
Municipality: Buchs (SG)
Status: Accepted


31 March 2021 Accepted

The city council emphasizes its open attitude and confirms its willingness to continue to accept additional refugees beyond the established cantonal distribution key. Furthermore, the city council of Buchs wants to communicate its position to the federal government accordingly.

10 February 2021 Handing over the petition to the town council

In Buchs, 81 signatures were collected for a petition for the attention of the town council. In it, the town is asked to “declare its willingness to accept refugees from the Greek islands, to communicate this decision publicly and to forward it to the Federal Council”.


Press reports

Die Stadt Buchs soll ein Zeichen setzen gegen das Flüchtlingselend
Barbara Gähwiler hat der Stadt 81 Petitionsunterschriften überreicht. Gefordert wird die Aufnahme von Geflüchteten in den Lagern auf den griechischen Inseln.