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500 people for the communities in Aargau

500 refugees for 687 207 people in Aargau.

The campaign was launched on World Refugee Day 2020.

The camps in Greece are in dire need. Several tens of thousands of people are locked up under the most degrading conditions. Their situation is so unbearable that the three national churches of Switzerland jointly appealed to the Federal Council at Easter 2020 to alleviate the tragedy and accept 5000 people from Greece into Switzerland.

The campaign “500 people for the municipalities in Aargau” takes up this appeal and wants to achieve that municipalities and cities voluntarily increase their quota for taking in people. In this way, they can create the necessary capacity in and with the canton for the government to register the “free space” with the federal government for the admission of people from precarious camps. Numerous communes have already given positive feedback.

List of municipalities in Aargau

The following municipalities have pledged their support to the “500 people for the municipalities in Aargau” campaign:

The following municipalities have not yet responded to the campaign:

Other municipalities have refused to support the campaign on various grounds.

Get your municipality in Aargau engaged in the campaign! The requests are coordinated by the association Netzwerk Asyl Aargau.

Letter template “500 people for the communities in Aargau

Flyer “500 people for the communities in Aargau