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We do not stand alone with our cause.

We affiliate with a number of projects that are active in similar subject areas with different focuses and strategies and with whom we have larger or smaller cooperations. These projects make an important contribution on the way to a fair and humane migration context and to a solidary community of people, regardless of origin and residence status. They get involved where the state fails.

Since these activities require a lot of work and time, these projects are also depending on support and are thankful for any solidary contributions (either through donations or your active assistance)!

SOS Mediterranee Schweiz

SOS Mediterranee Switzerland is part of the SOS Mediterranee network, a European humanitarian organisation for the rescue of people in distress at sea in the Mediterranean. Since its foundation in 2015, they have already rescued over 30,000 people in distress in the Mediterranean Sea with their rescue ships, the Aquarius and its successor the Ocean Viking. In addition to rescuing and escorting refugees to support facilities on the European mainland, SOS Mediterranee also informs and sensitises the European public and institutions, as well as national governments, as to the situation of people on the Mediterranean.

Watch the med Alarmphone Schweiz

Alarmphone is a transmediterranean project that offers refugees a second possibility to transmit their call for help, mobilises support and exerts pressure on the responsible authorities to prevent human rights violations. Watch The Med Alarmphone Switzerland organises logistical and financial support for the emergency telephone infrastructure, conducts documentation and raises public awareness of the situation in the Mediterranean.

Humanitarian Pilots Initiative

Die Humanitarian Pilots Initiative ist eine im Jahr 2015 gegründete, in der Schweiz ansässige gemeinnützige Organisation, die zusammen mit Sea Watch die Operation Moonbird im Mittelmeer betreibt. Ziel dieses Projekts ist die Unterstützung der zivilen und staatlichen Seenotrettungsorganisationen aus der Luft. Dies durch das Lokalisieren und Beobachten der Boote mit Geflüchteten und Meldung der Position und ZThe Humanitarian Pilots Initiative is a Swiss-based non-profit organisation founded in 2015, which operates Operation Moonbird in the Mediterranean together with Sea Watch. The aim of this project is to support civil and state sea rescue organisations from the air. This is done by locating and observing the boats with refugees and reporting the position and condition of the boats to the rescue coordination centre and the aid organisations on site.

EuropeMustAct / CitiesMustAct Schweiz

EuropeMustAct ist eine soziale Bewegung aus NGOs und der EuropeMustAct is a social movement of grassroots NGOs and civil society that aims to change the political institutions in Europe through collective action towards fair and humane migration conditions. CitiesMustAct is a campaign of this movement and aims to persuade citizens and local politicians of towns and cities in Europe to support the immediate reception of refugees from the camps on the Greek islands, thus putting pressure on national governments and the EU.

SoliNetz Luzern

SoliNetz Lucerne is an alliance of civil society organisations in Central Switzerland that are committed to creating a humane asylum system and a solidarity-based approach to refugees. These goals are to be achieved through counselling and support of those affected, networking of people and projects in solidarity, sensitisation of the population to the living conditions of refugees and political commitment.

Autonome Schule Luzern

The Autonomous School Lucerne (ASL) is a political project made up of people with all types of residence status. Our goal is to work in an emancipated way through education towards a world without authority and domination. It offers courses where people meet at eye level and learn from each other.

SoliNetz Zürich

The SoliNetz Zürich is a non-profit social association which stands up for the dignity and rights of all people who seek refuge in Switzerland due to political or existential need and for living together with refugees in solidarity. Through various projects, from German language courses to visits to emergency shelters and joint leisure activities, the SoliNetz contributes to improving the situation of refugees. Furthermore, the SoliNetz sensitizes the population to the living conditions of refugees and advocates a humane asylum and migration policy.

SoliNetz Bern

The SoliNetz Bern is an independent non-profit association that supports refugees. It provides a point of contact and support for migrants in emergency situations, and assists unaccompanied youths and young adults without a permanent right of residence in finding a training/study place and helps them to prepare themselves. In addition, the SoliNetz informs and advises centres of competence and individuals, and campaigns for the rights of refugees and undocumented people through media and public relations work. 

SoliNetz Basel

The SoliNetz Basel is a social association supported by volunteers, relief organizations and various migration policy and church organizations. The SoliNetz visits prisoners in deportation custody, offers lessons and continuing education to refugees and assists them with legal aid and support in emergency situations. Its focus is on undocumented migrants and denied asylum seekers, but it also supports asylum seekers and provisionally admitted persons.

Be aware and share Schweiz

Be Aware and Share (BAAS) is an independent relief organisation based in Basel, Switzerland, which works for the social integration of refugees and the development of trans-cultural relationships. On the one hand, BAAS provides material support for people in need and promotes the basic rights of young people through educational opportunities and youth work. On the other hand, BAAS informs the population and political decision-makers about humanitarian projects and crises, sensitizes them to the challenges and opportunities of reciprocal social integration and draws attention to the needs of people in need, the consequences of political decisions and violations of basic rights.

Wo Unrecht zu Recht wird…

“Where injustice becomes right…” is a civil society alliance that was formed in response to the increasing repression against denied asylum seekers in the canton of Zurich. They organise actions, lectures and events to draw attention to this violent policy and to put up resistance against it. Regular visits to the camp-like emergency shelters to break the isolation and a network of legal support are among the important components of the alliance’s work.
Where injustice becomes right, resistance becomes a duty.

Citykirche Offener St. Jakob Zürich

The Citykirche open St. Jakob stands in solidarity with refugees and organizes actions and panel discussions to make the local population aware of the difficult living conditions of the refugees and to support a good coexistence. Together with the SoliNetz Zurich they also offer German language courses and visit prisoners in deportation prisons.


RiseAgainstBorders is a campaign against the inhuman European refugee policy. Through various actions and rallies, it draws attention to the disastrous consequences of the sealing off of Europe and advocates the evacuation of all refugee camps and the immediate reception of the fugitives, as well as a society in solidarity and without borders.

Sea-Eye Lokalgruppe Bern

The Sea-Eye Local Group Berne is part of the Sea-Eye Association which operates two ships for civilian sea rescue in the Mediterranean. The Sea-Eye Local Group Bern is one of many local groups that support the association in their region. For the support of the association, various public relations activities are carried out to make people aware of the catastrophic situation on the Mediterranean Sea and at Europe’s external borders and to collect donations.

Be a Robin

Founded in Zurich in the summer of 2016, Be a Robin supports, on a small scale, individuals or groups of people with experience of escape. On the one hand, our work aims to prepare people with dignity and purposefully for independence. On the other hand, we provide fun, beautiful memories and casual contact with the local population through leisure programmes.

Wir alle sind Bern

Wir alle sind Bern is a platform, a movement, a network – people who work together for a city of solidarity in which diversity and migration are recognised as a social reality. Not origin, but the centre of life and the common future should be at the heart of shaping life in the city.

We refer to “urban citizenship”: we are concerned with the legal, political, social and cultural participation of all the city’s inhabitants. The present and future of Berne should be able to be shaped by all the people who live here on an equal footing – without exclusion or discrimination.

Evakuieren JETZT

There are times when fine speeches can be made – and times when action must be taken. The Evacuate Now collective demands the immediate evacuation and reception of as many refugees as possible from the Aegean to Switzerland.