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#FreePylos9 Virtual Teach-In

15. May 2024, 18:00 - 20:00

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In support of the #freepylos9 campaign, the Feminist Autonomous Centre for research invites you to a virtual Teach-In to demonstrate our solidarity with the nine criminalised survivors of the Adriana shipwreck. The nine defendants accused by the Greek State for the Pylos shipwreck of 14 June 2023, will be tried on 21 May 2024 before the three member Appeal Court of Kalamata, Greece.

In this teach–in, to take place virtually the week before the trial of the “Pylos 9” begins, we will be joined by defendants’ lawyers, organisers, and people facing criminalisation and those in solidarity with them, to understand how this case has unfolded, and why it is crucial to show solidarity with people on the move criminalised as “smugglers” or “traffickers”. We’ll discuss this specific legal case, linking it to and contextualising it within ongoing practices of resistance to border violence, which is the real cause of deadly shipwrecks.

With: #FreePylos9 campaign, Aegean Migrant Solidarity, Legal Centre Lesvos, Alarm Phone, Captain Support Network, Refugees Platform in Egypt, #FreeHomayoun campaign, Iuventa, and defendants’ lawyers.

Read more about the campaign to #FreePylos9: https://captainsupport.net/freepylos9/

Sign the petition to #FreePylos9: https://chng.it/FyDK6wjwLM 

Donate to the campaign to #FreePylos9: https://whydonate.com/en/fundraising/freedom-for-the-pylos-9-campaign

* A teach-in is sharing knowledge, information, and ideas, whilst collectively occupying a space of resistance and refusal to accept the dominant narrative.