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European Court of Human Rights to examine two cases filed against Greece concerning illegal collective expulsions

27. December 2021

Legal Centre Lesvos sues against pushbacks. Seebrücke Schweiz supports this financially, further donations are needed. Do you also support?

Appeal for donations from Open Eyes Balkan Bridge:

“The Legal Centre Lesvos (LCL) needs support to continue its important work. That is why OpenEyes has launched an appeal for donations for the LCL. In addition to providing legal advice and legal representation in individual cases, the LCL participates in documenting the structural violence and systemic rights violations at European borders.

For example, the European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR) just communicated two complaints filed by the LCL against two pushbacks to the Greek government in December 2021. This is therefore good news because it means that the ECtHR wants to rule on the complaints.

Clearing this hurdle of entry is extremely challenging because the very very very most cases are not even accepted by the ECtHR. Following up on these two pushback cases will keep the LCL team busy in the coming weeks and months.”

Contribute with a donation to:

Open Eyes Balkan Route,
3011 BernPostal account: 61-499563-0
IBAN: CH02 0900 0000 6149 9563 0

Press release of the Legal Centre Lesvos from 22.12.21