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Muri-Gümligen (BE) rejects joining the alliance “Cities and Municipalities for the Reception of Refugees

28. September 2021

In April 2021, Franziska Grossenbacher (Greens) and Karin Künti (SP) submitted the Motion “#evacuate NOW – to Muri-Gümligen!”. The motion calls on “the municipal council to join the Alliance of Cities and Municipalities for the Reception of Refugees, to declare its readiness to accept refugees from the Aegean Sea who are in particular need of protection, and to urge the Federal Council to act together with the Alliance and the 132 #evacuateNOW organisations”.

In June, the municipal council had recommended the motion be rejected. The municipality itself takes responsibility for the care and integration of the 90 asylum seekers assigned to it. There is no living space available for additional accommodation.

After a controversial debate in the Municipal Council, the motion was rejected by 19 votes against, 13 votes in favour and one abstention and was therefore not referred to the Municipal Council for implementation. In the justification, it is pointed out that questions of asylum policy are the responsibility of the federal government and should not be implemented by the municipalities “on their own”.

All details on the proposal.