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«Muri-Gümligen (BE): Motion to join the alliance “cities and municipalities for the reception of refugees”»

Level: Municipality
Municipality: Muri-Gümligen (BE)
Status: Rejected


24 August 2021 Rejection of the referral to the Great Municipal Council

After a controversial debate in the Great Municipal Council, the motion was rejected with 19 no votes, 13 yes votes, and one abstention, and thus not referred to the Municipal Council for execution. In the justification, it is pointed out that issues of asylum policy are the responsibility of the federal government and should “not be implemented by municipalities on their own”.

18 June 2021 Recommendation for rejection by the municipal council

The Municipal Council considers the responsibility for receiving refugees to lie with the federal government. The municipality itself assumes responsibility for the care and integration of the 90 persons assigned to it in the asylum sector. There is no living space available for additional accommodation. The motion is therefore recommended for rejection.

27 April 2021 Motion “evacuate NOW – also to Muri-Gümligen!” is submitted to the Great Municipal Council

The motion asks “the municipal council to join the alliance “cities and municipalities for the reception of refugees”, to declare its willingness to receive refugees in need of protection from the Aegean Sea, and to urge the Federal Council to act together with the Alliance and the 132 organizations of #evacuateNOW.”


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