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Seebrücke Schweiz supports People on the Move in Bosnia with CHF 3,000

17. May 2021

As summer approaches, thousands of People on the Move (PoM) are currently attempting the criminalised border crossing via the Balkan route to Western Europe. Seebrücke Schweiz wants to show active and concrete solidarity. For this reason, Seebrücke activists have been involved in solidarity project structures on the ground for several months. Through these activists, Seebrücke Schweiz is making CHF 3,000 available to the PoM.

Fortress Europe continues to seal itself off with inhumane pushback practices. Illegally and on behalf of the EU, the Croatian police push people back to Bosnia every day. PoM are exposed to physical and psychological police violence without protection. In most cases, all valuables as well as clothes and food are taken away from them during a pushback in order to make living conditions and another attempted border crossing as difficult as possible.

Seebrücke Schweiz wants to actively support people in this situation, which has been going on for years. The donated money is available for smartphones, powerbanks, food and medicine.

If you would also like to provide material support, the following is urgently needed on the Balkan route:

Working smartphones: Collection points at Open Eyes Balkanroute (Bern, Lucerne, Zurich, St.Gallen)
Money:Account of Seebrücke Schweiz with subject “Bosnia”. CH12 0839 0036 7691 1000 2

Let’s stand together shoulder to shoulder and fight Fortress Europe, day by day – brick by brick.

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