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«Moutier (BE): urgent motion – to welcome migrants from the Moria refugee camp»

Urgent Motion
Level: Municipality
Municipality: Moutier (BE)
Status: Accepted


Accepted on 03.02.2021 by the City Council

The City Council, during its meeting of December 7, 2020, unanimously accepted the motion of the PSA.

Accepted on 17.11.2020 by the Municipal Council

The Municipal Council is “sensitive to the dramatic situation experienced by these fleeing people” and is of the opinion, “that the Municipality must make known its availability for a reception”.

Consequently, a letter was sent to the Federal Councillor, Mrs. Karin Keller-Sutter on September 30, 2020. In her reply Karin Keller-Sutter underlines

The Swiss asylum system is a joint task for which we share responsibility at all political levels in Switzerland. The Confederation greatly appreciates the commitment and support of cities, including Moutier, and I thank you for this. The role of the cities is central to the integration of people with the right of residence and they are also central to the integration of asylum seekers. I would be happy to consider a closer cooperation with the cities in future welcome campaigns. Together with the cantons, we will discuss how the willingness of the cities to welcome newcomers can be used, for example in resettlement programs.

Response from the Federal Department of Justice and Police (FDJP)

In addition, the City Council has stated that it joins the Union of Swiss Cities (UVS) and that the motion is being processed by the City Council.

Submission of the motion on 21.09.2021

The PSA (Parti socialiste autonome du Sud du Jura) group has addressed an urgent motion entitled: “Welcoming migrants from the Moria refugee camp” to the City Council and has requested with 12 of its members to take the necessary steps in front of the Canton of Bern and the Confederation to volunteer to host migrants from the refugee camp Moria. The group also requested the urgency “in view of the dramatic situation that these people are living”.