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«Bülach: Emergency aid for refugees»

Level: Municipality
Municipality: Bülach (ZH)
Status: Rejected


17 December 2020 Rejection

The proposal to the Council was rejected by 18 against 9 votes, although the City Council had previously agreed to accept the postulate. It was pointed out that the federal and cantonal governments are responsible for direct admissions. Instead, the City Council paid 50,000 francs for aid abroad.

“Because the Federal Council has so far refrained from direct admissions, it is up to the municipalities to urge it to change direction,” said Dominik Berner (SP)

20 September 2020 Submission
Postulate by Dominik Berner(SP) and co-signatories:

“The City Council is invited to signal to the Federal Council, as other cities and municipalities have already done, their willingness to directly admit refugees from the Syrian-Turkish and Turkish-Greek border areas and to call on the Federal Council to allow these direct admissions now.

The City Council is also invited to examine how a direct admission and accommodation of refugees in the Müliweg asylum centre would be possible in a timely manner in the event that direct admissions are approved by the federal government.”

Press reports


Gemeinderäte und der SP Bülach und Grünen Bülach fordern den Stadtrat auf sich für die Direktaufnahme von Flüchtlingen aus dem Ägäischen Raum stark zu machen.

Medienmitteilung der SP Bülach Gemeinderäte der SP und der  Grünen Bülach fordern den Stadtrat auf, sich für die Direktaufnahme von Flüchtlingen aus dem ägäischen Raum stark zu machen.