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14. February 2022

The Green parliamentary group is making a new attempt in the fight for a different federal admission policy. It is demanding in the National Council that cities be allowed to take in people if they want to. So far, all efforts to achieve this have been blocked by Karin Keller-Sutter.

The Green Party’s demand is as simple as its previous rejection is incomprehensible: cities that want to take in refugees should be allowed to do so. On their own account. Taking into account the UNHCR refugee status. Without any further impact on the asylum process or the reception quotas that cities and municipalities must continue to fulfil.

We know only too well the reasons why this demand is necessary: the accommodation of people on the run in (tent) camps is undignified, but has developed from an emergency solution into an intolerable permanent state. At the same time, numerous cities have been organising themselves for years in an alliance of solidarity to affirm their willingness to receive people.

The Evacuate Now! alliance, the Seebrücke organisation and many other actors have been working for the same goal for years. Now, too, private individuals can strengthen the appeal with a signature. That alone may not be enough to change the course. Let’s take the appeal of the Welcome Cities as an opportunity to lend more weight to our demands on the streets again.

You can do that now: