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Canton Bern rejects motion “Evacuate Now!”

15. March 2021

Unfortunately, the Grand Council of the Canton of Bern decided today to reject the motion “Evacuate now! Refugees from Greece need our protection”.

Many cities in Switzerland have long shown solidarity and are willing to take in people. This willingness is undermined by such resolutions!

We cannot understand in any way why people who have fled and are now stranded in misery in Greece are left behind and deliberately forgotten. Why eyes are closed is a mystery to us….

Since August 2020, people from Moria and a photographer from the Netherlands have been documenting the conditions in Moria. With their pictures from the camp, they draw attention to the catastrophic situation. In February, a campaign was launched in which posters were designed with their photos.

We also want to set an example! As of today, posters with the pictures are hanging in various places in the city of Bern. Do you have the possibility to hang up a poster? Let us know! Have you seen a poster somewhere? Send us a photo or post it in your story!

The welcoming spirit of cities must not be undermined – we have space and people need protection!

All details on the motion.