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City of Kriens (LU) supports the appeal to the federal government for direct admission

23. February 2021

The city council of Kriens reacts positively to the request of a Kriens resident. In a letter, she drew attention to the situation in the camps at Europe’s external borders and the willingness of many Swiss cities to accept refugees directly.

“The dossier is a federal matter, but courageous cities are needed to exert pressure and signal to the federal government that a humane refugee policy is feasible. As a resident of Kriens, I would be very happy if Kriens also became a safe harbour and supported this cause.”

The city council supports the appeal to the federal government to allow direct admission from Moria and calls on the federal government to enter into dialogue with the municipalities and cities for implementation. In the city’s response letter it says: “We hope to set a sign of the humanitarian kind with this decision to improve the situation of refugees from Lesbos.”

Would you also like to make your city a safe harbour? Contact us at schweiz@seebruecke.org.

Here you can find the successful letter in Kriens, which we would also like to submit to the other municipalities of the canton, as well as all the details of the initiative.

Image source: https://www.stadt-kriens.ch/stadtbuero/dienstleistungen/medienanfragen.page/1669