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Aargau in solidarity: Laufenburg and Lenzburg want to take in refugees from Moria

9. February 2021

The towns of Laufenburg and Lenzburg in Aargau have agreed to take in three and eight people respectively from the Greek camp in Moria. Previously, Aarau, Baden, Brugg and Windisch in the canton had already declared their solidarity.

In Laufenburg, the city council accepted the initiative of IG Asyl Laufenburg and acknowledged the devastating conditions in the European camps. It declared its willingness to take in refugees and to care for and integrate them with the support of IG Asyl Laufenburg.

In Lenzburg, the town council accepted the motion directly after voting on the urgency. City councillor Andreas Schmid expressly supported the request: “The city council has already dealt with this postulate. We are of the opinion that this is about people in need. It is not a matter of pursuing asylum policy. If the town of Lenzburg can do something to help these people who have lost their belongings, the town of Lenzburg will do so. For this reason, the town council agrees to accept this postulate without a vote.”

The successful political initiatives in the canton of Aargau are part of the campaign “500 people for Aargau” of the association Netzwerk Asyl Aargau.

All details on the initiatives in Laufenburg and Lenzburg.

Photo source: https://www.laufenburg.ch/fotoalbum/