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Bülach to take in refugees directly

7. December 2020

Local councillors of the SP Bülach and Grüne Bülach call on the city council to support the direct admission of refugees from the Aegean region.

In April 2020, an appeal signed by over 100 people entitled “Bülach supports refugees” was presented to the city council. Since the city council did not fully respond to the demands, a postulate with a concrete demand is now following:

The city council should declare to the Federal Council that it is prepared to accept refugees directly into its community. “Since the Federal Council has so far refrained from accepting refugees directly, it is up to us municipalities to urge the Federal Council to change direction and at the same time show willingness to accept the consequences,” explains initiator Dominik Berner of the SP Bülach.

In addition, the city council should clarify how direct reception and accommodation of refugees in the “Müliweg” asylum centre is possible in the near future if direct reception is approved by the federal government.

All details of the initiative.

Picture source: SP Zurich, https://buelach.spkantonzh.ch/app/uploads/2020/04/2020.04.08.Rathaus_1.jpeg