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30. January 2021, 8:00 - 23:00

In summer Moria burned, now Lipa. On 23 December 2020, the Lipa camp in north-western Bosnia burnt down almost completely. In one fell swoop, more than 1,000 people lost their roof over their heads and are now defenceless against the snow and cold.

Even before the fire, the situation for refugees in Bosnia was catastrophic: thousands had to hold out in forests and ruins.

At Croatia’s external border with Bosnia, all means are being used to prevent people seeking protection from entering the EU. The border police carry out pushbacks in which violence is systematically used. The German government supports this procedure – as recently as December, 20 vehicles worth 800,000 euros were donated to the Croatian border police.

Vucjak, Moria, Lipa – the names of the camps change, but what they show remains the same: the EU is committed to sealing itself off at any price!

We will not accept this any longer! On 30.01.2021 we will join forces and say loud and clear: We want admission instead of closure! We demand:

  1. An immediate stop to the violent illegal pushbacks at Europe’s external borders. The right of all people to access a fair asylum procedure in the EU must finally be respected! #NoPushbackisLegal
  2. Support for the Croatian border police must be stopped immediately.
  3. The federal government must act immediately and evacuate the camps. Cities and municipalities in Switzerland are also ready to take them in. #WeHavePlace and demand #AufnahmeStattAbschottung.

Switzerland and the EU must finally take responsibility. The makeshift reconstruction of tents in Lipa is not a solution for the people. Camps are not a solution. They are part of the problem!

That is why we are calling for a Europe-wide day of action on 30 January. Organise actions in your cities and municipalities under the motto Reception instead of Segregation, take our demands outside. Leave your mark in your towns and villages and show your solidarity with people at Europe’s external borders. Please stick to the Corona protection measures. It is now important to be visible and loud! See you on the streets and on the net!

We will stay loud until the EU’s external borders are no longer a lawless space! Because #NoPushbackIsLegal!

Action ideas: Put up signs in places in the city with a clear message, write slogans on the streets, paint banners and hang them up.