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«Winterthur: For a commitment to accept refugees from the camps on the Greek islands»

Level: Municipality
Municipality: Winterthur (ZH)
Status: Accepted


27 January 2021 Acceptance

The City Council refers to a letter to “evakuieren JETZT” in which it has already stated its position and fundamental willingness to accept additional refugees in view of the humanitarian emergency situation. Thus, the City Council indicates that the request is noted, but already fulfilled.

The city of Winterthur states that it has since reiterated its position several times and has also communicated it to the federal government through its representatives in the City Initiative for Social Policy and in the Swiss Association of Cities. However, an actual additional admission would only be possible with the support of the federal government and the canton.

23 November 2020 Submission

Several people from Winterthur have submitted to the City Council the petition “for a commitment to receive refugees from the camps on the Greek islands” with 4 signatures. The petition demands that the city of Winterthur should “declare its willingness to accept refugees from the Greek islands” and that it should “communicate this decision publicly and forward it to the Federal Council”