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«Take in 500 refugees from Moria now!»

Motion d'urgence 2020.SR.000283
Level: Municipality
Municipality: Bern (BE)
Status: Accepted


Submission on 10 September 2020

Simone Machado, GaP, Zora Schneider, PdA as well as Tabea Rai and Eva Gammenthaler, AL demand with an urgent motion that the city of Bern take in 500 refugees from Moria:

“Yesterday, 9 September 2020, the refugee camp “Moria” on the island of Lesbos in the Aegean Sea (GR) was burnt down and completely destroyed. The camp has been “the shame of Europe” for many years, as the author of the book of the same name, Jean Ziegler, aptly put it. Some 13,000 people live in and around the camp, which would have been designed to accommodate 3000 people. […]

After the outbreak of the corona virus in recent weeks, the situation has now completely escalated and the camp has been destroyed by a fire with several sources of fire. According to media reports, 13,000 people have become homeless and a supply of food and tents is not possible because the Greek security forces have sealed off the area.

Local councillor Franziska Teuscher has now announced that she will take in 20 refugees. This is far too little for the capital of the rich country of Switzerland. Berne is to take in 500 people, because Berne can easily pay for these people financially and accommodation can be arranged at short notice”.

The local council recommended that the proposal be accepted:

“The local council is very aware of the problem. It has already repeatedly advocated the additional reception of refugees and is prepared to take responsibility for this. The municipal council is committed to this issue both directly at federal level and in the context of the municipal social policy initiative together with other cities. For the last time, it reacted immediately after the fire in the Moria refugee camp, confirmed its willingness to take in additional refugees and called on the federal government to take in additional refugees immediately or to allow direct admission in view of the urgent situation. It intends to continue its commitment to this in the future.

On 05.11.20 the proposal was referred by 53 votes to 17 and declared to be substantial.

Press reports

Bundesstadt soll 500 Flüchtlinge aus Moria aufnehmen
Après l’incendie de l’île de Lesbos, le conseil municipal bernois avait accepté d’accueillir 20 personnes. Cela ne suffit pas pour le conseil municipal.

Bern soll 500 Flüchtlingen aus Moria aufnehmen
Le conseil municipal de Berne exige l’accueil de 500 réfugiés de Moria. Avec 53 voix contre 17, il a renvoyé une motion d’urgence au groupe parlementaire libre jeudi.

Die Stadt Bern soll 500 Flüchtlinge aus dem abgebrannten griechischen Flüchtlingslager Moria aufnehmen. Das fordert der Stadtrat. 
La ville de Berne pourrait facilement accueillir 500 réfugiés du camp de réfugiés de Moria, selon une proposition discutée hier au conseil municipal de la ville de Berne. Le conseil municipal a approuvé la proposition par 53 voix contre 17.