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«Protection and due asylum procedure for the people from the destroyed refugee camp»

Demande simple
Level: Municipality
Municipality: Gossau (SG)
Status: Rejected


10 September 2020
Simple question by Monika Gähwiler-Brändle (SP)

“Is the city council prepared to also lobby the federal government to ensure that the federal asylum centres and the cantonal centres are used more again by offering protection to the refugees from Lesbos and from the other Greek islands in Switzerland and thus also guaranteeing them a proper asylum procedure?”

24 September 2020
Response of the City Council

“Due to the existing distribution of competences in the asylum procedure between the Confederation, the cantons and the municipalities, the City Council considers a procedure at the cantonal level to be more expedient. If cantons speak out to the federal government in favour of accepting people from the refugee camp, this is more effective than if cities speak out in favour of it on an isolated basis. This is also because the distribution of persons in the asylum procedure is carried out by the federal government via the cantons and not directly to the municipalities.

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