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«Lausanne is ready to receive refugees from Moria»

L'expression publique de la solidarité
Level: Municipality
Municipality: Lausanne (VD)
Status: Accepted


Lausanne in September 2020

After the fire in Moria, Lausanne declares its solidarity with the refugees on the Greek islands. Back in June, the eight largest cities in Switzerland, including Lausanne, declared their willingness to take in more refugees. This is because these same cities have already shown in the past that they are able to take in and care for a large number of refugees quickly and efficiently.

Zurich had demanded that the federal authorities immediately convene a national conference on the direct reception of refugees. Numerous cities and municipalities are willing to take in people from Moria. It is now up to the federal government to finally make use of this offer.

Press reports

Genf und Lausanne sind bereit zur Aufnahme von Personen aus dem Lager Moria
Les deux villes du lac Léman ont approuvé la proposition de Zurich de demander l’organisation d’une conférence nationale.