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«Evacuate now! Refugees from Greece need our protection!»

Motion 248-2020
Level: Canton
Canton: BE
Status: Rejected


16.09.20 Submission

“The Government Council is instructed to make representations to the Confederation and to signal its willingness to accept a contingent of refugees stranded in Greece in addition to the legally defined distribution key (Art. 21 Asylum Ordinance 1). In Switzerland, their asylum application should then be dealt with in a regular manner.”

Demand of the motion

26.11.20 Declared urgent

03.02.21 Rejection by the Government Council

Government Council requests rejection, as it considers Switzerland’s efforts to be sufficient and sees no need for action by the canton.

Decision of the Government Council.

15.03.21 Rejection in the Grand Council (70 yes, 81 no, 6 abstentions).

Voting record.