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Parlamentarische initiative 21.519
Level: Confederation
Status: Rejected


Entry of the parliamentary initiative “For a federalist strengthening of Switzerland’s humanitarian tradition. Enabling welcoming cities and communities based on solidarity” on 16.12. 21 by Balthasar Glättli (Green Party) in the National Council

“In the Asylum Act, the Confederation shall, in addition to Article 56 AsylA, create the conditions for the admission of additional refugee quotas at the request of communes and cantons: Municipalities and cantons are to be given the option of taking in refugees in groups if

  • they submit a corresponding application to the federal government for the admission of a refugee quota
  • they ensure the accommodation of these refugees and themselves take over that part of the financing which is otherwise the responsibility of the Confederation
  • the refugees meet the other requirements for admission as a group (resettlement via UNHCR,

relocation, admission as war refugees, security check, etc.).

The actual decision on granting asylum status remains with the federal government, as is the case today. The admission of additional refugee groups by communes and cantons is not at the expense of the refugee quotas decided by the Confederation in connection with its own resettlement programmes or other humanitarian initiatives and is not counted towards the usual cantonal distribution keys.”

16.6.2022 refused

The federal council has not given into a follow up of the initiative

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