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250 people take to the streets in Lucerne for anti-racist migration policies: All means all.

21. March 2022

On 18 March 2022, over 250 people demonstrated in Lucerne for a humane and just Swiss migration policy. The demonstration was called by the alliance “Alle heisst alle!

Media release of the “All means all” alliance

The solidarity that people from Ukraine are experiencing at the moment is great. Unfortunately, it does not apply to everyone. People of non-European origin have been denied humane treatment for years. They are turned away (often violently) at Europe’s external borders, drown in the Mediterranean or die of hunger and cold in the forests of the border regions. Once in Switzerland, they go through a gruelling asylum procedure, which often ends in deportation.

In various speeches, the demonstrators demanded equal treatment for refugees, regardless of their origin or skin colour.

“Now we can see what is possible, how it could be done: borders are opened, people on the run are met with great solidarity. We see: If we want, we can open the border. It is a political decision. Those responsible could decide today that no more people die on the Mediterranean,” the No Frontex group Lucerne expressed critically.

The demonstration started at Schwanenplatz and took the route via the Seebrücke to Theaterplatz and from there to Helvetiaplatz. There, there was a final rally and the demonstration dispersed around 20:00. Over 250 people took part.

“It was nice to see people with such different perspectives on flight and migration. So many people united to make sure that there is protection for all instead of the few,” says Angela Addo from the “All means All” alliance.

For the “All means All” alliance, it is clear that there is still a lot to do politically and activistically on this issue in Switzerland. The next step: No to Frontex on 15 May. The campaign for the referendum in Lucerne will start with an installation on the Kurplatz from 28 March.