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What can you do about Afghanistan now?

20. August 2021

Time and again we receive enquiries about what we can currently do to help people in Afghanistan or to support their admission to Switzerland. Here we summarise some options for action.

Switzerland is currently only prepared to evacuate 230 people from Afghanistan. Yet several cities would be willing to take in more people (see SRF report). You can ask your place of residence whether it is also prepared to take in people from Afghanistan and inform the federal government.

You can also write directly to Karin Keller-Sutter and ask her to act or tell her that you have space at home to take in people. Address: Karin Keller-Sutter, Federal Councillor, Bundeshaus West,CH-3003 Bern.

There is also a petition that can be signed and circulated. In it, the SP demands from the Federal Council: “Immediately grant protection status to all Afghans in Switzerland, rescue their families from the war zone, take in an additional 10,000 vulnerable people – especially women and girls – and increase humanitarian aid in neighbouring countries!” Over 40,000 people have already signed it:

There is a call for a vocal weekend of action: Airlift Now! Organise an action in your city and make more people aware of the emergency situation in Afghanistan. The call and action materials can be found here: