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Sea rescue is #nonnegotiable

18. August 2021

Last Saturday, 07 August 2021, various actions took place in Switzerland and Germany under the motto “Sea rescue is #nonnegotiable”. This was also the case in Bern together with Amnesty Youth Bern.

In the last days and weeks, we have all seen how bad the situation in the Mediterranean is – there are many deadly shipwrecks and rescue ships continue to be detained. Safe escape routes or only state sea rescue are a long way off. This year alone, more than 800 people have already drowned in the Mediterranean. More than 14,000 people have been brought back to Libya by the so-called Libyan coast guard in violation of international law, where they face torture and the most serious human rights violations. For years, civilian sea rescue organisations have been filling a gap that the EU should never have allowed to arise.

We do not look the other way! Sea rescue is and remains #nonnegotiable #LeaveNoOneBehind #LeaveNoOneToDie #NoBorders #sea rescue.