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Brugg is willing to receive 9 refugees from Lesbos

31. January 2021

With a clear majority of 34 to 14 votes, the city council of Brugg accepts the postulate concerning the reception of refugees from the Moria camp.

Björn Urs Bürkler (Greens) and Pascal Ammann (SP) had demanded that the city of Brugg take in nine refugees from the Greek island of Lesbos. Furthermore, it should call on the canton and the federal government to take the necessary measures to make the reception possible and coordinate with other cities within and outside the canton that are willing to take in refugees.

It is gratifying to see the advocacy for this cause not only from the SP and the Greens, but also from the EVP, CVP and GLP. If these parties also support a humane and welcoming asylum policy beyond the municipality of Brugg, the demands for an evacuation of the Greek camps can find majorities in many places.

The initiative is part of the campaign “500 people for Aargau”, which is coordinated by the association Netzwerk Asyl Aargau. It calls on the municipalities of Aargau to accept one refugee per 1356 inhabitants. Numerous municipalities have already given positive feedback.

All details on the initiative

Image source: https://www.stadt-brugg.ch/