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Save Eichwäldli, Refugees Welcome!

30. January 2021

The city of Lucerne is still not backing down from the announced demolition of the Eichwäldli alternative housing. Today’s demo is directed against the nonsensical demolition, for self-determined projects, neighbourhoods and cities as well as a life in friendship and solidarity. Seebrücke Luzern is taking part with a speech on the action day #KeinPushbackistlegal, which is also taking place today.

Perhaps the comparison between a sealed-off external border in Europe and the threatened eviction of a Lucerne resident seems far-fetched. But basically, departments and governments prevent one thing in common: and that is the good life for all!
They neither want people who come here from somewhere else, nor do they want people who live a different life than the one their bourgeois norm demands.

The devastating fires of Moria on the Greek island of Lesbos, the Lipa camp in Bosnia, and the Vathy camp on the Greek island of Samos have become emblematic of the European solidarity crisis. This crisis has long since turned into a humanitarian catastrophe.

For today, the Balkan Bridge has called for an international day of action. In the Balkans and in the camps on Europe’s external borders, people are exposed to the struggle for survival. They are freezing, starving, physically and emotionally injured. Let us also think of them today. Let us welcome people together and fight for their arrival and right to stay.

We know the Eichwäldli as a place where people are allowed to arrive. As a place where anti-racist and anti-fascist people can network. The Eichwäldli is a place with creative and angry personalities. That is exactly what we need.

Let’s join together and work and stand up for what we all want: Housing and shelter for everyone. Eichwäldli remains, Refugees Welcome!

Image source: https://www.facebook.com/eichwaeldlibleibt/photos/108203174449647