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Municipality of Turgi does not accept refugees from Moria

10. January 2021

In December, a petition was submitted in the Aargau municipality of Turgi to accept refugees from Moria. The initiators criticise the situation in the camps on the Greek islands and emphasise the broad support for the evacuation of these camps by the Swiss population, the national churches and numerous organisations.

However, the local council is not prepared to accept further refugees. Once again, the responsibility of the Confederation is pointed out. In addition, more refugees are already being cared for than the quota stipulates.

The fact that these arguments do not speak against the federal government’s decision to accept more refugees has already been demonstrated by 25 cities and municipalities in Switzerland, including the neighbouring municipality of Baden, which would like to take in 14 people from the new Kara Tepe camp.

All details on the demand.

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