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Switzerland-wide collection days for the Frontex referendum

10. December 2021, 0:00 - 12. December 2021 23:00
News | Solidaritätsnetz Bern

The referendum against Frontex requires 50,000 signatures from people entitled to vote in Switzerland. Or to put it another way: 1,000 people are needed to collect 50 signatures each. Groups and organisations that want to support the referendum against Frontex are of course also welcome! The signatures must be collected by the end of 2021.

Every day Frontex violates human rights at the external borders of Europe, on the Mediterranean or the Balkans. Also on 10.12 – the International Human Rights Day. We are using this day as an opportunity to collect signatures against Frontex from 10 to 12 December.

There will be group chats in individual regions to coordinate joint collection actions.more info: