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Online event of the Seebrücke Bern

9. May 2021, 13:30 - 14:30

On Sunday, 09 May, at 13:30, we as the local group Bern, but also other people with testimonials and personal stories, will speak at an online event of the No WEF Spring Quarter.

This year, instead of the No WEF winter quarter, there will be a spring quarter. There are online events about political movements (e.g. Seebrücke, Basel Nazifrei…). At the same time there will be an exhibition (outside) with recorded interviews of comrades* about ongoing international struggles. So it will be exciting! Let’s show our solidarity in times of the pandemic & set a sign for those who are resisting at the moment! More information will be available soon on winterquartier-bern.ch.