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Join the Abolish Frontex Action Days on April 22, 23, or 24

22. April 2022, 8:00 - 24. April 2022 20:00

Support the Swiss No-Frontex referendum

In May, Switzerland will have the unique opportunity to say YES to freedom of movement for all and NO to Frontex. The Swiss parliament decided to strengthen the European border protection agency Frontex with 61 million Swiss francs annually. But activists collected 50.000 signatures for a referendum on that will take place on May 15. If successful, the referendum may lead to Switzerland being the first European country that decides to actively defund Frontex. Due to the Schengen-acquis it is even likely that Switzerland will completely withdraw from Frontex. 

During the next Abolish Frontex Action Days, we want to show that the topic does not concern Switzerland alone. We invite you to organise actions against Frontex and Europe’s murderous border regime. Any type of actions are welcome, but our idea was to show solidarity with the development in Switzerland and to highlight what your country contributes to Frontex. That could be planes, personnel, weapons, ships, money, or more… If you need help to find out what your country’s national contributions are, you can get in touch with the research group: research@abolishfrontex.org.

The dates of the Action Days are also symbolically significant: On 22 April 2021, 130 people drowned in the Mediterranean Sea despite Alarm Phone calling authorities for help for 10 whole hours and a Frontex plane flying over their heads, surveilling their suffering. The people could have been rescued but the EU knowingly left them to die at sea. We need effective Search and Rescue mechanisms instead of a murderous border agency!

Ideas for actions:

  • Create posters, flyers, etc to inform people about your country’s contribution to Frontex and the problems with Frontex
  • Plan a demonstration in front of Swiss embassies or consulates
  • Plan a demonstration in front of government buildings to protest your country’s contribution to Frontex
  • Plan an action at a location connected to your country’s contribution to Frontex (i.e. a ministry, naval base or arms company)
  • Plan a demonstration or gathering to inform people about the Swiss referendum and call for similar processes to end the involvement in Frontex in your country
  • Write mass letters or emails to national authorities (members of parliament, etc) to inform them of Frontex’ involvement in human rights violations and demand an end to your country’s support for Frontex