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«The city of Lausanne is committed to a wider reception of people seeking refuge from Afghanistan»

Level: Municipality
Municipality: Lausanne (VD)
Status: Accepted


After the Taliban takeover in Afghanistan in August 2021, thousands of people in the country are threatened and on the run. The federal government wants to take in 230 people. These are those people from Afghanistan who are connected to the SDC. The number is within the framework of the already existing quota. Once again, many cities, including Lausanne, are ready to offer protection to more people.

“The city of Lausanne welcomes the decision of the Confederation to suspend repatriations, but also calls for a review of decisions rejecting asylum applications and appeals to the federal authorities to introduce a simplified procedure for issuing humanitarian visas. Finally, it calls for the admission of Afghan refugees not to be counted against the 2021 resettlement quota, but to be added to it.” So says the city of Lausanne in a press release.