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«Reception of refugees from Moria camp»

Dringliches Postulat
Level: Municipality
Municipality: Baden (AG)
Status: Accepted


In an urgent postulate, the SP calls for the admission of refugees from the (new) Moria camp in Lesbos.

“The Baden Town Council is requested to accept 14 refugees from Moria;
to invite the Canton and the Confederation to take the necessary measures to enable the reception of the refugees from Moria;
to co-ordinate with the cities and municipalities of the Canton Aargau, as well as with Basel, Bern, Geneva, Lausanne, Lucerne, St Gallen, Winterthur and Zurich, which are taking similar steps to receive refugees”.

The Baden city council gave a positive response to the postulate:

“The city of Baden wants to take in 14 refugees from the Moria camp on the Greek island of Lesbos, which was destroyed by fire. The refugees from Lesbos “are in a humanitarian emergency situation”, the town council explains in its response to the urgent postulate of town councillor Nora Langmoen (SP).

However, the municipal council made it a condition of admission that the legal requirements were met. The reception of refugees is regulated at federal level. The city of Baden therefore informed the municipal council of its willingness to do so. It is in contact with the federal government on this issue and is coordinating with other Swiss towns that have declared their willingness to accept refugees. The city of Baden has also already made contact with these municipalities in Canton Aargau.
Badener Tagblatt from 26.11.20

The residents’ council accepted the postulate on 08.12.20 with a clear majority.


Press reports

Nach Inferno auf Lesbos: Baden soll 14 Flüchtlinge aufnehmen Einwohnerrätinnen und Einwohnerräte aus fünf Fraktionen fordern den Badener Stadtrat dazu auf, 14 geflüchtete Menschen aufzunehmen, die im zerstörten Flüchtlingslager Moria auf Lesbos untergebracht waren. Baden will 14 Flüchtlinge aus Moria aufnehmen – unter einer Bedingung Der Badener Stadtrat will die Forderung erfüllen, die Politiker von SP bis GLP nach dem verheerenden Brand im Flüchtlingscamp auf der Insel Lesbos gestellt hatten.