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«Reception of boat refugees»

Postulat 20180257
Level: Municipality
Municipality: Biel (BE)
Status: Transformed or canceled


15.08.18: Submission of the non-party postulate 20180257

by Anna Tanner (SP/JUSO Group), Judith Schmid (PdA), Christoph Grupp (Greens Group), Mohamed Hamdaoui (PSR), “Reception of boat people”.

25.04.19: Declared as substantial in the city council.

16.12.20: Written off as fulfilled by the municipal council.

The City of Biel is committed to creating the legal framework for direct reception. Due to the lack of a legal basis and the necessary resources, it rejects direct admission at the same time.

“By means of this motion, the municipal council was asked to examine how it can support the direct admission of refugees from the ships in the Mediterranean and whether it wants to join other cities that have directly admitted refugees.

The municipal council has examined these concerns and can state that the legal possibilities for such a direct reception are lacking. However, even if the situation were different, the city of Biel would not have the necessary resources for a direct reception and care of refugees. Unlike the city of Bern, for example, which is mandated by the canton to care for and receive refugees, this does not apply to Biel, as the canton has transferred this mandate for the Biel Seeland region to the Red Cross.

However, the municipal council would welcome it if the legal basis were adapted so that uncomplicated admissions would be possible in the future. It therefore calls on the federal government and the cantons to take appropriate action. In this context, it welcomes the initiative of the City of Fribourg, which has called for a round table with the federal government, the canton and the cities to find solutions in this matter.

The municipal council therefore asks the city council to write off the non-party postulate 20180257 as fulfilled.”