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«Motion #evacuate NOW – also in Köniz!»

V2114 Motion (Urgent Motion)
Level: Municipality
Municipality: Köniz (BE)
Status: Accepted


Accepted 23.08.2021

In the parliamentary session of 23.08.2021, the motion was adopted by the municipality. The municipality justified the decision by saying,

from a humanitarian point of view, due to the obvious and immeasurable suffering of the people concerned and
the urgent need for action […] and to join the alliance “Cities and Municipalities for the Reception of Refugees” in order to persuade the Federal Council to act.

Köniz Municipal Council

Submission of the motion on 07.04.2021

The Greens, in cooperation with the SP, submitted a motion to ensure that Köniz also joins the “Alliance of Cities and Municipalities for the Reception of Refugees” and that the Federal Council, together with the Alliance and the 132 organisations of #evacuateNOW, is moved to act.
the 132 organisations of #evacuateNOW to take action. The motion, which was deemed substantial, was signed by 16 members of parliament.