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«Direct reception of refugees from sea rescue operations»

Postulat 2018.SR.000170
Level: Municipality
Municipality: Bern (BE)
Status: Pending


All details about the demand.

30.08.2018: Input

“The intergroup postulate (2016.SR.000112) has already called for “Direct admission of refugees, now!” and the municipal council has declared its willingness to lobby the federal government for the admission of additional resettlement refugees, either on its own or within the framework of existing channels. The postulate of the Free Group “The city of Bern should become a city of refuge and join the European network” (2016.SR.000268) also states in the response of the municipal council that the request has been taken up by the Cities’ Conference on Social Policy and is being discussed.

The municipal council is asked to examine how it can use suitable bodies, e.g. via the association of cities or direct talks with the federal government, to campaign for refugees to be taken off the ships in the Mediterranean. Bern should join cities such as Palermo, Berlin, Barcelona, Kiel, Amsterdam, Stockholm and Naples in offering refugees protection.”

Excerpt from the postulate on the direct reception of refugees from sea rescues

27.02.19: The Municipal Council asks the City Council to declare the postulate significant.

Minutes of the Municipal Council.