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«Concrete support to the city of Geneva for the reception of refugees and the creation of living space»

Level: Municipality
Municipality: Genève (GE)
Status: Accepted


05.06.19: Announced.

24.06.19: Urgency adopted. Referred to the Committee on Social Cohesion and Youth.

19.04.21: Majority and minority reports of the Committee on Social Cohesion and Youth to examine the draft deliberation of June 5, 2019 of Messrs. Tobias Schnebli, Maria Pérez, Alfonso Gomez, Ariane Arlotti, Delphine Wuest, Morten Gisselbaek, Pascal Holenweg, Annick Ecuyer, Gazi Sahin, Maria Casares, Brigitte Studer, Albane Schlechten, Ahmed Jama and Emmanuel Deonna: “A concrete support of the City of Geneva for the reception and creation of housing for migrants and refugees”

26.04.2022: Urgency accepted. Conversion into motion (M-1683).

27.04.2022: Motion accepted.

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