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«Call to the municipality of Arlesheim to take in refugees from the Greek islands»

Level: Municipality
Municipality: Arlesheim (BL)
Status: Accepted


Communication from the municipal council of Arlesheim BL:

“On 17 August 2020, a petition was submitted by a number of residents for a commitment by our municipality to take in refugees from the camps on the Greek islands.

The petition is a sub-project of the Easter Appeal, a campaign which Amnesty International is conducting together with Evacuation-Now and the Migration Charter. The petition follows on from a petition launched in the spring, which was addressed directly to the Federal Council and signed by around 39,000 people. The current petition calls on the municipality of Arlesheim to declare its willingness to accept refugees from the Greek islands and to communicate this decision publicly and forward it to the Federal Council. The Municipal Council supports the petitioners’ request and at its last meeting confirmed its willingness to admit five more people (from a camp on a Greek island) to the ordinary procedures. The canton, as the first point of contact for the municipality, will be informed accordingly”.