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«Bern: Cities set a sign of solidarity – Direct reception of refugees, now!»

Postulat 2016.SR.000112
Level: Municipality
Municipality: Bern (BE)
Status: Accepted


June 09, 2016 Submission of the postulate by SP, Greens and EVP: Cities set a sign of solidarity – Direct admission of refugees now!

1. The municipal council is asked to consider, in accordance with the approach of the city of Zurich, to increase the admission quota of refugees and at least in the order of 0.25 percent of the resident population.
2. The Municipal Council is asked to consider taking in displaced people directly from camps for refugees, in accordance with the approach of the city of Barcelona.”

Full text of the postulate.

01.09.2016 Declaration of urgency.

07.11.2016 Decision: “The City Council unanimously agrees to the referral and simultaneous write-off of the postulate.”

The city of Bern can lobby the federal government to accept additional resettlement refugees, either on its own or within the framework of existing channels. This way seems to the municipal council more promising and more in line with the political will of the city council. It has therefore submitted the request to take in more resettlement refugees to the City Initiative for Social Policy and suggested that the request be submitted to the responsible cantonal conferences (Conference of Cantonal Social Directors SODK, Conference of Cantonal Justice and Police Directors KKJPD and Conference of Cantonal Governments KdK) and/or directly to the Federal Council.

Extract from the report of the municipal council


Press reports

Städte setzen ein solidarisches Zeichen – Direktaufnahme von Geflüchteten, jetzt!
Parlamentarier_innen aus Thun, Bern, Köniz und Burgdorf verlangen in einem überparteilichen und städteübergreifenden Vorstoss von ihren Regierungen, ihren Handlungsspielraum auszuschöpfen: Sie fordern die Direktaufnahme von Geflüchteten und die Erhöhung des Aufnahmekontingents!