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«Asylum seekers arriving at European ports»

Postulat 2019/390
Level: Municipality
Municipality: Zürich (ZH)
Status: Transformed or canceled


28.10.2020 Withdrawal

02.10.2019 Rejection requested and postponed

25.09.2019 Reception by city council

18.09.2019 Input

The city council is asked to examine how to accommodate refugees arriving at European ports in Zurich. In particular, the City Council should work with the Swiss Confederation to ensure that Switzerland participates in a European distribution quota and submit an offer to the Confederation to accept a substantial part of the Swiss quota in the city of Zurich.

Requirement of the postulate “reception of asylum seekers arriving at European ports


Press reports

Bootsflüchtlinge sollen nach Zürich geholt werden
Une initiative demande que la ville donne le bon exemple et fasse pression sur le gouvernement fédéral pour l’accueil des réfugiés.