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Demonstration on 2. October // 2 pm // Schützenmatte, Bern

28. September 2021

Called by 3Rosen gegen Grenzen, Autonome Schule Zürich, Droit de rester (FR, NE, VD), Choosehumanity, evakuierenJETZT, Freiplatzaktion Zürich, Migrant Solidarity Network, migrant self-organization PangeaKolektif, Poya solidaire, Solidarité Tattes, Solidarité sans frontières, Solidaritätsnetz, Stopisolation, ROTA migrant self-organization, Wo Unrecht zu Recht wird.

With this demonstration it has to be clear that we are united against this unacceptable system. The events of the last months have shown us once again that the conditions must change fundamentally:

No to physical, psychological, social and economic violence against refugees!

We demand refugee status for all Afghans present in Switzerland. In addition, the admission of people from Afghanistan as well as family reunifications must be made possible quickly and unbureaucratically.
We demand housing for new arrivals and access to professional psychological and social support as well as independent legal representation. The current closed federal asylum camps, isolated from civil society, are not suitable accommodations for newly arrived people (including children and youth). They have been proven to promote and require psychological and physical violence behind their walls.
We demand the immediate abolition of the emergency assistance system. All rejected asylum seekers must be able to have their case reviewed with a view to legalization (hardship cases). They should be entitled to social assistance, adequate housing and medical care that meets their needs.
We demand a stop to the policy of control and isolation. Compulsory attendance, daily police checks and isolation from society are breaking people in the camps. We condemn the criminalization of undocumented persons and the imposition of fines and imprisonment for illegal stay. No person is illegal!
We demand a general stop to deportations, as they disregard the need for material and physical security of people who have fled. This includes the deportations to Ethiopia and Eritrea, which are of particular concern.
We demand the abolition of Frontex and the immediate end of cooperation between Switzerland and the European border agency.
We demand the immediate evacuation of all camps around the Mediterranean, especially Moria. We are ashamed of the ridiculous contingent that Switzerland intends to take in. Several municipalities and cities have agreed to take in people from the camps. We have room!
We demand Switzerland’s withdrawal from the Dublin Agreement and, until then, a consistent and humane application of the sovereignty clause.

Finally, we demand what should be self-evident: the right to a free and dignified life for all.