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The municipality of Ostermundigen (BE) has agreed to take in ten refugees from Moria/ Kara Tepe

12. July 2021

After the fire in the Moria camp in September 2020, a non-party urgent motion had asked Ostermundigen to take in ten people from Greek camps. The municipal council has now agreed to lobby the federal government and the canton and also to ask them to take in as many people as possible from these camps in Switzerland.

Ostermundigen is thus strengthening the cities’ movement, which is putting pressure on the federal government to become active in taking in people from the Greek camps. In addition to large cities such as Zurich, Basel and Geneva, smaller municipalities such as Burgdorf and Spiez have also declared their solidarity with people fleeing their homes.

On the occasion of World Refugee Day on 19 June, Seebrücke Schweiz has called on numerous communities in Central Switzerland and St. Gallen to also declare their solidarity. They hope that the pressure from below will increase and that there will be a change towards a fairer Swiss policy.

All details on the proposal.

Image source: https://www.ostermundigen.ch/